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Sorry,about not updating everybody. Winter Exam season.

Late Happy New Year!

January Feature

Once Upon A Prophecy (Chapter 15)
~~I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians series.~~
Chapter Fifteen: Start of Battle
   Veronica uncomfortably checked her new watch Dwaine had just given her; he was supposed to give it to her that night in the forest till they were rudely interrupted, rather impolitely, it was an accident after all. The nice compliments on her cooking in the ship's dining room faded hastily away from her thought-filled mind.
   It said one o'clock but the sun had already gone. Hope also evaporated in the anxious air as she predicted the battle to start earlier than she'd expected.
   All around her, the armored Huntresses, after they ate their lunches, started sharpening spears for the third time and celestial swords one again on their dining tables.
   A small group planned positions on a blue print of the boat's structure near the doorway, as Veronica passed, she heard one suggest that a few should go under and target the monster's legs and feet. And con

How to Protect a Dragon Conqueror Chapter ThirteenSunset had hit Berk like a rotten berry, staining and darkening the cloudy skies. Gobber wheeled his array of axes and swords with gusto, a veritable metal caravan in the village. He tossed a sword at Spitelout, who also picked up a newly carved shield.
"It's good to be back in the blacksmith business!" Gobber shouted with enthusiasm. Then Ingie and some of the taller Viking girls ran past him. He then noticed that his smaller hatchets where missing. "Hey, where are you going?"
"The dragons need to burn the ships down!" Spitelout called. "That way the Outcasts will be forced to land, and we need all viable hands to subdue them!"
"Seems a bit risky!" Gobber called back. "What with them all trying to get their hands on Hiccup, you may as well be asking for an invasion."
Spitelout doubled back so he wouldn't have to shout himself hoarse. "Chasing them off isn't an option; we need to find out if more ships are coming and take hostages for future assault." He caught sight of me. "Hiccup, al

Check them out.
(I was in a fantasy mood when choosing)

Secret Santa

Well. umm the majority of you guys haven't uploaded?
If you didn't get a 'present' I'm really sorry. If I do another secret santa this year, I will seriously be more organised!

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